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Please, support our Cocoa Farm Project

We wish to create a huge cocoa farm in a new land of 100 hectares. This important communal implantation should become in few years (five years), an important source of income for the entire community and should help it to durably supporting itself.

This project should be a foundation that can generate and sustain a long term developement for the community and then ensure that our children receive a solid Jewish and secular education as well.

Founds needed for this project: 25,000 USD
Already raised: USD 1,555 (USD1,419 should go to Cameroon and

Remaining: 23,580.5

We have difficulties in solving many of our social and religious challenges as education, health care, etc.

To meet our challenges and protect our values, we have to strengthen our community by enhancing our economic situation to help our parents to raise their children Jewishly, to help young people and adults to get the education and training they need, To give every single child of the community the chance to go to college and make sure the future is full of enormous possibilities, to make everyone succeed at the community and in the society, to break the cycle of poverty and dependence and to protect our values for generations to come.

We wish to make this farm with the higher purpose of getting out of poverty and addressing our unmet needs, our educational, our social and our religious needs.

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Have already donated for this Project:

March 2012
Donations made to Kulanu for Cameroon Projects (Kulanu keeps 10% of all donations)

  • Rabbi Neil Sandler (Atlanta): USD500 (USD450 should go to Cameroon and USD50 to Kulanu)
  • Marcy Stein (New York) USD500 (USD450 should go to Cameroon and USD50 to Kulanu)
  • Rabbi Baruch Halevy (Swampscott) USD100 (USD90 should go to Cameroon and USD10 to Kulanu)
  • Steve Halpern(Buffalo): USD 100 (USD90 should go to Cameroon and USD10 to Kulanu)
  • Susan Greene Merewitz(Maryland): USD100 (USD90 should go to Cameroon and USD10 to Kulanu)
  • BETTE J. SHOREMAN(Swampscott): USD25 (USD22.5 should go to Cameroon and USD2.5 to Kulanu)
  • MARTA ZORA(Swampscott): USD50 (USD45 should go to Cameroon and USD5 to Kulanu)
  • ALICE W. RA’ANAN & MICHAEL Y. RA’ANAN(Maryland): USD180 (USD182 should go to Cameroon and USD18 to Kulanu)

Total :

Still needed:

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