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About us

Beth yeshourun is a warm, dynamic, joyous, friendly and welcoming Jewish community located in Cameroon, Central Africa, with its main synagogue in a little town called Sa'a which is about one hour by car far from Yaounde (the capital city), and other synagogues in Yaounde, Garoua, Douala. Isolated and self-taught for more than 10 years, we finally got our isolation broken thanks to Kulanu, an organization that supports isolated and emerging and returning jewish groups all over the world. Two Kulanu volunteers (Rabbi Gerald and Rabbanit Bonita Sussmans of the synagogue Temple Emmanuel of New-york) visited us for the first time during the summer 2010. Today, we are dedicated to more engaged Torah observance, to the love of Israel, the homeland of the Israelites and we try to develop and maintain a spiritually vibrant and mutually supportive community.


Formerly a Christian congregation, we decided to embrace judaism in 1998 after reading the bBible carefully and discovering the many inconsistencies in the New Testament and total contradiction with the Old Testament.

It is finally in 1998 that, thanks to our dedication to the bible study, we decided to serve God the same way Jesus himself served him. There was no other meaning to this: We had just decided to become Jews. Since then, we have been making all our efforts to upgrade our knowledge of Judaism and its observance. Internet helped us a lot. We also have been praying God to help us being converted one day.

Our leader, Serge Etele, started demarches to build connections with other Jewish communities and to get rabbis' support for our conversion. Rabbi Jeremy Gordon of the New London Synagogue accepted to help and recommanded us to Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg who had a long distance conversion program and who had been giving us courses for months.

Nearly four months later, Serge found Kulanu. Kulanu got interested in our story and soon later, there were volunteers avaible to visit our community. The Holy One, blessed be He, heard our prayers and answered by sending us His envoys (Rabbis Gerald & Bonita Sussmans) to break our isolation.

Today, we are proud to be Jews and we whole heartedly wish to say thank you to all those who have been involved or who are still involved in helping us.

Commitments and activities

Torah and Mitzvot

We try to build an environment where everyone can find a wide-range of Torah study, educational and cultural opportunities, an environment that encourages the observance of mitzvot (commandments), that helps anyone improve himself and fulfill his mission.

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Prayer and services

We strive for prayer services that are engaging, inspirational, joyful, spiritual and accessible for all.

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We educate and celebrate our children so they continue the cultural, spiritual and ethical values of our People.

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Social action

We provide many opportunities and resources for social action. We model and create opportunities for doing acts of loving kindness.

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Instilling a solid foundation of Torah connection in our young people, and empowering them to be a positive force in the world.

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Tikkun Olam (repairing the world)

We encourage and support our members to serve worthwhile causes within our congregation, our local community, and the wider society and to always try to grow in their ability to care for our environment and to assist the people in it.

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Beth Yeshourun offers a place for all Israelites - no labels and no affiliations - to develop a sense of community, to enhance the experience of learning and practicing Torah. We embrace all families and individuals, regardless of their level of religious knowledge, background, and beliefs, by offering formal and informal educational opportunities for learning and prayer.

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Supporting Israel

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